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Review of an embedded system without OS, Software components: startup code, boot loader, kernel, applications.  Realtime concepts for embedded systems, Basic OS constructs Semaphores, Mutex, Queues, Tasks, and Scheduler, Introduction to a real-time kernel,  scheduling policies, mutual exclusion, and synchronization, inter-task control flow, inter-task data flow, memory management, interrupt processing. 

Linux for embedded applications: an overview of Linux kernel architecture; system call interface. Process management; memory management; file system architecture. Linux for micro-controllers and real-time applications. Device driver: character, block and network drivers. 

Designing a real-time system: development life cycle, modeling a real-time system, Case studies.

Introduction to embedded computing, S/W Development environment - Cross Compiler, Linker, Debugger, Stand-alone systems. ARM Cortex architecture, Caching, Memories, Interfacing memory with processor, Interfacing peripherals (GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C), Board design basics, Clocks and Power Management

Incremental Motion Control is a 2:1 credit course offered by Prof N S Dinesh

TCPIP Network course is 3 credit (2:1) course offered and Prof Joy Kuri and Haresh Dagale.

It is offered as an elective course